My anchor ring finally arrived! I had been meaning to wear it during my exams as a reminder that Jesus is my anchor. However, it arrived after my exams, but nonetheless, I feel like it has a deeper meaning because it serves as a strong reminder that Jesus is not just my anchor during exams.
He is my anchor after my exams, when results come out and for my future. I don’t just need Jesus during my exams and during the hard times, I need to remain firm in him in everything.


What does it mean to me?

It is the time of the year that every student dreads – exams. It’s the time of the year that I do not even step into the library because I hear that you can smell fear there… 

So my friends and I stay in our college common room to revise, which is really useful because there is a whiteboard there for us to regurgitate the information we have desperately tried to cram into our heads. It’s those kind of things that allow you to catch a glimpse of what your friends are studying. 

One day, I chanced upon my theology friend writing facts down on the whiteboard regarding the New Testament. The board was filled with ideas, theories, facts, people, characters, controversies, terminology.

And I looked at it, and wondered ‘What does the New Testament mean to me?’



(Please ignore the ‘The Sun Is Not Shining’ part. As you know, we have many rainy days in the UK, hence those words…)


In the midst of all these facts, what does the New Testament mean to me? What does this new covenant meant to me? What is the personal worth of the bible to me?

Is it just a jumble of words to you? Or do the words condense and form the breath of life. Do lessons of life, character and virtue rise from the text? Somehow, I always find it unusual when people talk about Christianity as a religion, rather than a relationship. And this is exactly what the whiteboard was trying to challenge: Religion or Relationship? 

Indeed, theological arguments and theories help to mould the way we perceive and better understand Christianity and God, but when we remove all those academic theories, what does Christianity mean to you and me in our hearts? I will not attempt to answer this question in this post because I believe that each of our testimonies bring about different insights into what the bible and Christianity means to each of us. 

Nevertheless, I think that this whiteboard full of facts reminded me that Christianity is not solely about facts and how much you can analyse the bible. These are useful, but it ultimately boils down to our very hearts, our own experiences and our faith. 

So let me ask again:

Remove those theories of Calvanism and Armenianism, pre-determinism, Pauline letters etc – what does Christianity mean to you? 

Just a thought ~

Iphone App!



I chanced upon this phone app that has a bible verse for everyday. It’s really lovely because the verses always speak to me and the background pictures are amazing! Obviously, this post is for no marketing purposes … because I’m not famous enough for that 😛 (jokes) … but it’s a very nice app.

It’s called ‘Daily Bible Verse Inspirations’.



What does it mean to say that Jesus is my anchor?

‘We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.’ ~ Hebrews 6:19

In the middle of a storm, will I be able to say that Jesus is still my anchor?

The anchor may not take me back to shore, but it makes sure that I stay alright in the choppy seas. The anchor roots me to the depths of the seabed –  un-moveable, unshakeable, firm.

In the midst of this, can I say that I will be content? Though I may not know where I am headed, is Jesus still my anchor?




“She was beautiful, but not like those girls in the magazines. She was beautiful, for the way she thought. She was beautiful, for that sparkle in her eyes when she talked about something she loved. She was beautiful, for her ability to make other people smile even if she was sad. No, she wasn’t beautiful for something as temporary as her looks.
She was beautiful, deep down to her soul.”

F. Scott Fitzgerald