Best Week Ever!

Sorry for not posting lately. Been really busy helping out as an International Freshers’ Rep and basically showing them around and chilling with them.

I met so many new people, bonded with people I already knew, and am in love with Durham as I could ever be (:

It’s definitely been an amazing week. School starts soon! Eep! ><

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Credits to my friend Anum


Durham #2

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Back in Durham for my second year of law.
Despite the grey days and dreary weather, I’m glad that God still cheers me up with the flowers by the city centre.

To second year, here we go. May my faith bloom even during the seasons of rain.

Lessons From Pepper

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This is Pepper, my 12 year old miniature schnauzer who kinda looks like a mini-sheepdog and acts like a cat.

I took him for his annual vaccination today, and I was very much amused that he had changed drastically from being the bouncy, noisy 2-month old to a greying, sleepy ball of fur. And I remember commenting to my dad that when Pepper was a few years old, bringing him to the vet was a nightmare because he would bark the whole place down at the sight of another animal. Now, he would make murmurs and whines, but nothing more.

And as I thought about this change as Pepper aged, the song ‘The Wonder of The Cross’ suddenly came to my mind.

May I never lose the wonder, the wonder of the cross.
May I see it like the first time, standing as a sinner lost.

I suppose it’s hard to explain how I actually made such a connection (!!!) but it really got me thinking. It made me think about what I would be like when I grew old. When I am old, I still want to have the same kind of zeal, excitement, love and fondness for my sweet Lord Jesus.

Pepper is old (84 years old in human age!) but he still reacts at the sight of other dogs, no matter how meak or soft he appears to be. Perhaps I will be like Pepper, reduced to soft murmurs. But I want to always be passionate and excited for God and with God. May I be young at heart and energised by Jesus.

So may we never lose the wonder, the wonder of the cross 🙂

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Name Above Every Name

How wonderful
How beautiful
Name above every name
Exalted high
How wonderful
How beautiful
Jesus Your name
Name above every name

(Beautiful Saviour by Planetshakers)

Last Tuesday, I helped out in Singapore Awakening (a wave of prayer for Singapore as a nation for God). And as I sang those words ‘Jesus Your name, name above every name’, God whispered: My name is higher than ___ (that certain law firm that you are thinking about).

It was amazing to understand such a revelation. To me, this song had always been Jesus is above everything. But I had never stopped to ask myself what a name meant to me. And it was so comforting to know that God was reminding me to put Him first. On my priority list, the first name should be Jesus.

What do you define as a name? Let’s narrow it down, what is the name to you? What is the first name that you think of?

A name could be literally a person’s name; it could be someone else’s or your own. A brand. A title. A position. A reputation. 

To a working person, it might be your position in your company.

To a mother, it might be your children.

To a student, it might be your grades, or all those glorious skyscraper offices and the company names that flash the words SUCCESS MONEY GLAMOUR.

To many, it could be your identity.

May we always be reminded of how perfect and beautiful Jesus is, and that He is worthy of being placed first in our lives, above all names.

Change In Me

Recently during the summer, I felt very led to ask God to change me.

Renewal. Restoration. Revival. Changed for Him.

I know that as we grow older, it gets harder and harder to change who we are, our habits and our attitudes. Indeed, it is true when science says that the heart stops growing because after awhile, we stop changing for the better.

So I’ve asked God to reveal to me areas in my life that I need to recognise and change.

Amongst many other things, this is a small list of things He has shown me about me:

1. ME
Changing ‘Me’ to ‘He’
– Moving from a self-centered life to an other-centered and God-centered life
– Always find one person to pray for every day instead of praying only about my problems
Live bright: Ephesians 5:8

2. Pride
– Becoming more humble and understanding
– Removing spiritual arrogance
– Pride Vs Confidence: Be less defensive about God’s calling and more confident in God