The Importance Of Jesus’ Resurrection

This afternoon, I opened the door to a very interesting visitor.

I heard a knock and behold, who did I find but a Jehovah Witness giving out pamphlets for their special ‘Good Friday’ service!

‘Lots of people will be going’, she said as she handed me a pamphlet titled ‘Millions Will Attend – Will You?’ I politely took the pamphlet and set it on the table next to me. But curiosity got the better of me – I mean, I had never seen a JW pamphlet before, let alone been approached by one!

And as with all ‘interesting’ denominations, I scrutinised the pamphlet, looking for that one missing piece/fundamental flaw that made them JW, and me, a protestant.

And I found it – ‘You will learn how Jesus’ life and death can benefit you personally’.

Funny how there was no mention of Jesus’ resurrection, which should be no surprise because JW believe that Jesus was fully man, but not fully God.

Yet, it really made me think hard about Jesus’ resurrection. Isn’t it amazing, that the key to Christianity is Jesus and His resurrection? Yes, his death and sacrifice was immensely important, but it is the very fact that He overcame death that I can actually come to the Father justified and righteous? Who knew a JW pamphlet could make me more in awe of my belief in Jesus’ resurrection!

This idea reminded me of when I attended a Christianity Explored course (similar to the Alpha course) with a friend, and the question was asked ‘How do I know that God is real and that Christianity is the truth?’ The facilitator replied: ‘You can only know if it is true by looking at the empty tomb. Because if Jesus truly rose from the grave, then He is in fact God and God is in fact, real. And Christianity is the truth’.

So what was missing in the JW pamphlet/doctrine, was the very thing that brought me to Christ. In fact, it has brought millions to Christ. If Jesus had died for our sins and stayed dead, then it just means that the devil has won – and just like Jesus (assuming he died and never rose back to life), we will all die and never resurrect. If Jesus stayed dead, it means that God did not even have the power to raise His own righteous Son back to life. No resurrection, no hope.

So yes, as the JW pamphlet writes on the front page, ‘Millions Will Attend’. Yes, I will commemorate Good Friday. BUT, I will also be one of the millions celebrating Easter Sunday. Good Friday cannot start and end without Easter Sunday.

Besides, Friday-Sunday¬†is after all, called the weekend ūüôā

We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, in order that, just as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.
Romans 6:4 ESV


For This Child I Have Prayed


Recently, I read this touching article of a couple who did a ‘remembrance photography’ of their little girl who was stillborn. I really urge you to have a look at the photos here¬†and have a good bawl.


One of the most crushing words I have seen in a long time: For this child I have prayed.

I have mixed feelings every time I see this picture. It portrays a sense of both hope and grief, of love found yet lost. And I thought to myself, if I ever had a friend who lost a child, what would I say to them? If I was the one who lost the child, what would I want them to say? I mean, it’s really a heart-stopping, mind-halting kind of question.

I remember as an immature and oblivious 14-year-old teen sitting at youth sunday school in Church, and the teacher asked, ‘What would you say to someone who lost a baby? Or whose loved one was taken away so violently, suddenly or silently?’. Being the somewhat clueless and insensitive girl I was, I said what I had always been taught in Sunday School: ‘Tell them it’s God’s will. It’s for their own good. God has a plan.’

Yes, such truth – but was it really what they wanted to hear at that moment?

To be honest, I don’t even know why I’m blogging about this because I seriously do not have an answer to such a hard and painful question. Every time I look at those words ‘For this child I have prayed’, how can I possibly say those insensitive words? From the moment of conception, every mother has whispered to their baby, dreamed about their lives and loved them for their very being.

It stops my heart right now just hearing those words replay in my mind. Yet, there is some sort of peace and comfort knowing that every prayer is heard and answered. Every little whisper you pray to God, He hears it and He honours it. God has written every story from beginning to the end, He is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipowerful, He sees both the beginning and the end at the same time. What has just started, has already been written.

See you in heaven, Monroe Faith.

To all mothers, may this be your prayer.

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Loss but Gain

Day 7 of #24happydayswithGod:

PART I (morning):

This might probably be one of the happiest days in this hashtag – my grandfather accepted Jesus Christ today and was baptised!

After 80+ years, he has finally accepted Christ.

If any of you knew my grandfather, you would have known how painful it was to pray for his salvation and for him to experience God. It took many tears on our part, and many hospital beds on his part to finally reach a stage where he realised that all he needed was God.

Not money. Not medicine. Not happiness. Just God.


And I urge you all to never lose heart or lose faith for those you are praying for Рyour family, your friends, your spouse.

When I woke up this morning and read my text – I couldn’t believe it.

I remember when I was 7, how I always ended my prayers with ‘And please help grandma, grandpa, my uncles and aunties, and my cousins to become a Christian. Amen.’ For many years, I prayed that same prayer and as I grew older, I slowly began to forget that request.

You see, life was catching up with me. I was growing up. Those earnest little prayers soon evolved into ‘Lord, please help me with my exams’ or ‘Lord, there is this boy…’ and I forgot that one of the greatest prayers I could make was not for myself, but for someone else. And more importantly, for their salvation.

I know my family has been praying for a long time, and even though it was the 7 year old me who had more faith than I had now, God has still answered our prayers. He has revealed His marvellous plan, and in that we all rejoice.

Thank you God for never giving up on the hard-hearted.

So remember to pray for your loved ones. It’s never a prayer too late, and it’s never a prayer too small.

PART II (night):

It’s still day 7 of #24happydayswithGod, and I know I’ve blogged about it hours earlier, but it’s also possibly one of the saddest days of the hashtag.

I knew something was wrong when my family came back at 11pm tonight and did not contact me.

My grandfather passed away 6 hours after he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. God’s perfect timing and plan. Yet, I feel very sad. There were many things I had wanted to say in anger, many in tears and now, many in forgiveness. I never got to say them, but I thank the Lord that I will see Him in heaven.

New life. New body. New purpose.

With this, I leave you with an Instagram post that my brother posted of him and my grandfather. May it warm your hearts and bless you all.


“…¬†rejoice that your names are recorded in heaven.”

Luke 10:20