Fearfully Made

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By chance, I found this card in my wallet – I can’t remember who gave it to me or when, let alone the card itself.

But it was a timely reminder at a time when I was preparing for an interview. I’ve always been nervous about anything that is marked or tested, to the point that I base my worth on whether or not I meet the benchmark.

I remember imagining a scene in my head where family friends would ask about my interviews for an internship, and me thinking: ‘I didn’t make it through them. Yes, I almost made it – I got selected for the interview but I always missed it. And that doesn’t matter to anyone, because the fact is I didn’t get it’

But when I found this card, I was reminded that no matter how many rejections or failures I get, I must still have confidence in myself. I have an identity and I have a worth. Even the God of the heavens FEARFULLY made me. He made me with such awe and wonder and my very existence.

It’s easy to remember that God has a plan for each of us, and He will not bring us where He has not planned. But it’s easy to forget that the rejections we get along the way do not change our worth.

To the commercial world, you didn’t make the cut.
‘You’re not aggressive enough. You’re not resilient enough. You’re not analytical. You’re. not. wanted.’

But in the bigger picture, God Himself made you fearfully and wonderfully. There is no imperfection in you. You and I have a worth, a worth that God wanted enough to create and save you.


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