First Session of Christianity Explored

I brought a friend to ‘Christianity Explored’ organised in my church in Durham. ‘Christianity Explored’ is sort of the like the Alpha Course, and it’s a really good platform to ask all your questions.

In retrospect, I found the session very intense because I realised that there were questions that I couldn’t answer too, and was very amazed and thankful that the session leaders were able to answer/attempt to answer it.

In particular, there was a fresher who came loaded with questions – really good, raw and nerve-racking questions I must say. And the one thing that struck me was that she came with an open mind. It felt a bit unusual because her questions were posed in such a way that did not question the existence of a God, but rather the character of God as displayed in the bible and through the Christians around her.

I remember her saying something along the lines of, ‘My boyfriend and I have a lot of questions. Like, he studies philosophy and has a lot of questions. He’s not atheist, he believes that there is a god. He thinks that it’s stupid for someone to think that we are all here by chance, and he believes that there is some sort of creator’.

That really struck me because I know many philosophy friends who swing to the other side of the argument. And it was just so refreshing for someone to come to the conclusion that there was in fact a God, as opposed to ignorance or passiveness.

I felt very encouraged that the people who came had a lot of questions/things to put to the table, and I pray that God will continue to move their hearts.

Also, I would like to encourage us to attend these programmes as well, because many times, we live in our own bubble. Christianity requires a paradigm shift and when people outside of that bubble ask us questions, we freeze because we don’t know how to answer those questions. Therefore, such sessions and discussions are a good way to hone our ‘apologetics’ experience.

Have a blessed Thursday,



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