How To Live Brighter ☼

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1. Start your day with God

This step seems so simple, yet I find this extremely powerful and sometimes easy to forget.

As you wake up every day, let your first thought be ‘Good morning, God’. Honestly, I find this difficult sometimes because when you wake up groggy, it’s difficult to immediately direct your thoughts to God. My first thoughts are normally ‘What lectures do I have today? What readings do I need to do?’ and my instinctive reaction is to reach for my phone and check for any messages and facebook updates.

Yet, when I learn (and am still learning) to still myself, I learn to wake up in the presence of God.

‘Father, thank you for this wonderful morning.’
‘Oh no Lord, it’s raining. Why is it so cold? :(‘
‘Jesus, thank you for another day. I dedicate this day to you and may I be reminded of Your presence throughout the day. Be with me as I do my work and go for lectures. Be with me as I face the day.’

2. Devotions

I tend to do my devotions at night, and I do this with a 365-day devotion book. Sometimes, it’s tiring to read one chapter of the bible a night, especially after a long day, and it may be difficult to relate the bible reading to what happened during the day. Therefore, I highly recommend you get a devotion book, with bible verses and messages specially selected for that day. And I cannot tell you how many times the scripture and message has spoken to me. There have been so many times that there have been ‘coincidental’ overlaps between the devotions and my struggles that specific day that I know it is no coincidence.

I started doing my devotions like this when I received one for christmas when I was thirteen. It slowly became routine and it feels weird when I don’t do devotions at night. If you have children, I strongly encourage you to buy them a devotion book.

This was my first book, and I loved it.

Screen Shot 2014-10-19 at 3.54.15 PM
(The One Year Book of Devotions for Girls by Tyndale House Publishers Staff 2000)

3. Start a ‘Thankfulness Journal’

As mentioned in my previous blog post, my friend got me a gratitude diary where I write down three things I am thankful for each day. I’ve used this for a week already and I am absolutely in love with this idea! It has made me more cheerful, and I have been thankful for the little and mundane things. Also, there many times that we ask God for certain things and when we do get blessed, we forget to thank God for it. This journal is a good way to remember God’s blessings.

4. Honouring the Sabbath

Truth be told, today is the first time I have taken Sunday off to dwell in His presence and rest in His peace. I had been encouraged by a few friends and after reading the article by Relevant magazine, I have decided to give it a go. It’s a good way to end or start (depending on which day you think a week starts on) the week, and I pray that I will learn to meditate on Him and reflect on all the things He has blessed me with during the week.


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