Change In Me

Recently during the summer, I felt very led to ask God to change me.

Renewal. Restoration. Revival. Changed for Him.

I know that as we grow older, it gets harder and harder to change who we are, our habits and our attitudes. Indeed, it is true when science says that the heart stops growing because after awhile, we stop changing for the better.

So I’ve asked God to reveal to me areas in my life that I need to recognise and change.

Amongst many other things, this is a small list of things He has shown me about me:

1. ME
Changing ‘Me’ to ‘He’
– Moving from a self-centered life to an other-centered and God-centered life
– Always find one person to pray for every day instead of praying only about my problems
Live bright: Ephesians 5:8

2. Pride
– Becoming more humble and understanding
– Removing spiritual arrogance
– Pride Vs Confidence: Be less defensive about God’s calling and more confident in God


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