The Unemployed Christian

The bus stops and train stations in Singapore are flooded with advertisements. Everywhere you look is a product or service screaming out for attention.

One of the few that stood out to me was ‘Jobstreet’, an online portal with numerous job vacancies. Jobstreet boasts that it can get you the job that suits you. Yet, every time I pass by it, I am reminded of a couple who were standing next to me a few years ago.

A: You still looking for a job?
B: Yup… Apparently there’s a job vacancy in a Japanese firm.
A: Then why not go for it?
B: Sigh, the salary is too low. I heard that the German firms have a good pay, but they work you quite hard. So, I don’t think I will take that job either.

Last year, I had the opportunity to work as a part-time retail assistant, and I remember my manager saying that very few Singaporeans wanted to take such a job. ‘They want the high pay but they also want the easy life’, she complained.

To me, online portals like Jobstreet seemed ironic – there were so many jobs available on these websites, but none of them were “suitable” enough for some people. So many jobs, yet so little demand for them.

Just today, I saw a similar advertisement, screaming out in bright yellow. And somehow I linked it to the Christian life.

God calls us to accept certain ‘jobs’. We ask God to lead us according to His will, and yet when there is a ‘job vacancy’, we complain that it is not what we want: I’m busy, I’m tired, I’m not the right person for the job. Is there an increment? What do I get out of it? How much time and work do I have to put into this task? We say that we are still waiting on God for His task, but sometimes, the task is right there on the ‘job portal’!

These jobs need not be big scary ones. Sometimes, God calls us to pray for someone, give a little to the busker on the street, smile at your neighbour. So many jobs, yet so little demand.

Are we actively looking on God’s ‘jobstreet’? Are we enthusiastically taking on the ‘job vacancies’? Are we “unemployed”?



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