My second school year is starting soon and I feel very sad already that I have to leave my family. Sometimes, I think God sent me to Durham partly to remind me that I must put Him over my family. Perhaps, I tend to place my family as my idol and God is teaching me to rely more on Him. Because when all else fades away, all I will have left is my Heavenly Father.

The concept of an earthly family is different from that of a heavenly family where fellow Christians are my siblings-in-Christ and my father is The Father. …sounds weird but I feel  like that’s a concept God has been revealing to me.

But still, my heart aches a bit when I am reminded that I’m flying off soon back to Dirham.

I don’t even know where God wants me to work, and that’s even scarier because I don’t know if I’ll have to leave my family in Singapore.

Oh Lord, you know the heaviness of my heart and my cry. Lord, give me the comfort and assurance and may I sense Your presence ever with me.


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