Moses – Who Am I?

Your kingdom come,
Your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.

We pray the Lord’s Prayer every week, but how many of us really stop and mean this part?

Because when God finally calls, many of us are too busy, too tired, or simply too inadequate. We’ve got 102 reasons why we can’t do what He wants us to do. We think we’re too impure. ‘But God, I haven’t sorted that thing out in my life yet.’ ‘Are You sure?’ ‘How can You possibly want me to do this, when there are 1001 problems that are still hanging?’ I’m. just. not. ready.

Then again, do you think we will ever be completely ready?

There is suddenly an identity crisis and an inadequacy issue: I don’t think I can do it. What will people think of me?

However, it is encouraging to know that the Bible is sufficient to prepare us and teach us in His way, especially through people in the Bible who were called for His purpose.

Moses has always intrigued me. The movie ‘Prince of Egypt’ made it fun and exciting, but it never revealed the darkness, loneliness and isolation that Moses felt.

From birth, Moses was wanted dead. His only saving grace was that he floated on a river and was taken pity on by an Egyptian princess. He was Jewish yet taught in the ways of an Egyptian. He had no right to be there, and yet by some seeming stroke of luck, he was. And there must have been rumours in Egypt about him: Filth dressed in gold, A slave served by slaves.

In his youth, he was branded a murderer. He killed in what he thought was the name of justice, but was repaid by spite and anger. And when he fled Egypt, he became a foreigner in a foreign tribe. In fact, the Midianites were a normadic tribe, and were notorious in the Bible (Numbers 22) for being idolators and Jewish oppressors. They plundered and stole. Moses was an outcast, living among enemies of his ancestors. He didn’t have an identity in himself or society.

So when he met God at the burning bush, Moses’ first words were ‘Who am I‘. That was the truth. Moses didn’t know who he was in anybodies eyes. He felt insecure, inadequate and forgotten.

Yet, the Lord replied ‘I will be with you‘. Sometimes, it doesn’t actually feel like God was answering Moses’ question. The question of ‘Who am I’ was answered with ‘I will be with you’. But you see, God sees Moses. God looks at Moses and says ‘I have seen you. You are not nothing. And you will not be nothing because I will be with You every step of the way.’

In this way, I believe that we need not be hesitant or afraid when God calls us to do His will. In fact, if Moses could listen to God’s calling to go against an Egyptian king, I’m sure we can put our faith in God’s calling for us.

And we need not sort everything out before we do God’s will. In Exodus 4:1-5, God uses Moses’ staff and cloak to perform miracles. God can use what you already have to do His will. He’s not going to appoint you because of what you will have in the future, but because of what you have right now.

In fact, I was very much encouraged by my devotion book, which stated that ‘God’s will is spiritually age-appropriate‘. He will not call you to do something He knows you cannot handle. He knows what you are capable of, and therefore has set the task before you.

And yet, God’s presentation to Moses as a burning bush carries so much weight. With God’s touch and presence, He turned an ordinary bush in the desert, into one burning with holy fire. He made ordinary into extraordinary. He made natural into supernatural. And that’s how He can use you and me, so let’s be that bush ready to burn for God!


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