Falling In Love With Myself?

While making through my usual round of Tumblr sites (because Tumblr is the escape from the real world and is the only place where cheesy quotes and pale pastel pictures make you cool), I saw this – 



I stopped scrolling. And I sat there. My first thought was: “There’s no way I can love myself!

I am selfish. cynical. judgmental. critical. hypocritical. self-critical. temperamental. fragile. sensitive. self-conscious. I never forget. demanding. frustrated. insecure. 

I am ugly. I am dark and I am human.” 


Then I looked up: ‘I cannot save myself, and no religion can save me. Rules may break me but they will never save me. But a relationship that exudes selfless love and sacrifice, a love that is correcting yet gentle, and a being who can look on me with love and say ‘Grace’ – that is something that can save me. And when I turn to Him and choose to make Him Saviour of my life and Lord of my heart, He can show me that I can love. Love is the greatest capacity of a human, and it is through love I can see what I was made for, and who I was made after. It is the greatest gift and the most powerful weapon.’

In loving Him, I can love myself.


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