“Kicking God Out of Grade School”

Anti-Christian sentiment is pervasive not only on today’s college campuses, but in elementary and high schools as well. Biology teachers argue that life is merely time plus matter plus chance, devoid of meaning and purpose. History teachers emphasise the subjectivity of historians to undermine the possibility of knowing objective historical fact. Physics teachers say that the material world is all there is, was, and ever will be. Art teachers describe how beauty is ultimately rooted in the eye of the beholder. English teachers claim that all interpretations of texts are equally valid because words do not carry any ultimate meaning. Religion teachers describe how Christianity is no different than any other major world religion.

After 1999 Columbine High School shootings, school officials gave students and families the opportunity to paint tiles above lockers in order to mourn the dead. School officials removed some ninety tiles because they contained ‘objectionable’ phrases such as ‘God is Love’ and ‘4/20/99 Jesus wept.’…At Pattison Elementary School in Katy, Texas, school officials not only banned the singing of Christmas songs but threatened grade reductions for students who refused to participate in the singing of songs of other faiths. In Louiseville, Colorado, Monarch High School prohibited a group of students from forming a Bible club because it did not ‘directly relate to the regular curricular and the educational goals of the school district.’ However, it allowed other groups to form, including the Gay/Straight Alliance Club, the Multicultural Club, Peace Jam and Amnesty International. 


‘Challenges From Youth’ by Alison Thomas from Beyond Opinion


3 thoughts on ““Kicking God Out of Grade School”

  1. One of the sad things about these and situations like it is they are usually fear-driven and caused by just one or more people. Public school teachers and administrators often don’t know their rights nor the rights of the students, because of what media and some of our government officials have pushed. They fear the loss of their jobs or of being labeled intolerant, while they practice intolerance of Christianity.

    • Completely agree with you Rene!
      I think it’s so sad, and as I was reading this, I was really shocked and disappointed. When it comes down to it, I do not understand why Christianity and the teaching of Christianity is dangerous. In fact, I know of many non-Christians who send their children to Christian schools and to Sunday School because they know that the values imparted are good!

      • People fight against Christianity, because Jesus claims to be the only way to the Father, and they want to choose their own path. Or they fight against Christianity, because some of what they have witnessed or experienced from us has not been very Christ-like, or because they have been disillusioned by church teachings that gave them false expectations about who a God is and how He responds to our prayers or to evil. But the bottom line is it’s a matter of the invisible spiritual warfare.

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