Royal Priesthood ♛♔ ♕ ♚

Every believer is a priest.

We have a duty to offer to offer the incense of prayer and praise to God every moment, every day, everywhere. But do we? Have we taken this awesome privilege for granted? Are we absentee priests? Has prayer become an empty routine? What hinders us from being more passionate, persevering and proactive in standing in the gap on behalf of our nation?

Is it self-sufficiency? Lord, forgive our pride. Deliver us from self-deception.

Is it indifference? Lord, forgive our callousness. Shake us out of our stupor. Reverse our backsliding. Is it unbelief? Lord, forgive our skepticism. Ignite faith for the impossible. Ask God to spark a fire within you and make you living sanctuary of holy revival prayer.


Taken from the ’40 Day Morning Prayer 2014′ in accordance with the 40 days leading up to the Singapore national day


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