Loss but Gain

Day 7 of #24happydayswithGod:

PART I (morning):

This might probably be one of the happiest days in this hashtag – my grandfather accepted Jesus Christ today and was baptised!

After 80+ years, he has finally accepted Christ.

If any of you knew my grandfather, you would have known how painful it was to pray for his salvation and for him to experience God. It took many tears on our part, and many hospital beds on his part to finally reach a stage where he realised that all he needed was God.

Not money. Not medicine. Not happiness. Just God.


And I urge you all to never lose heart or lose faith for those you are praying for – your family, your friends, your spouse.

When I woke up this morning and read my text – I couldn’t believe it.

I remember when I was 7, how I always ended my prayers with ‘And please help grandma, grandpa, my uncles and aunties, and my cousins to become a Christian. Amen.’ For many years, I prayed that same prayer and as I grew older, I slowly began to forget that request.

You see, life was catching up with me. I was growing up. Those earnest little prayers soon evolved into ‘Lord, please help me with my exams’ or ‘Lord, there is this boy…’ and I forgot that one of the greatest prayers I could make was not for myself, but for someone else. And more importantly, for their salvation.

I know my family has been praying for a long time, and even though it was the 7 year old me who had more faith than I had now, God has still answered our prayers. He has revealed His marvellous plan, and in that we all rejoice.

Thank you God for never giving up on the hard-hearted.

So remember to pray for your loved ones. It’s never a prayer too late, and it’s never a prayer too small.

PART II (night):

It’s still day 7 of #24happydayswithGod, and I know I’ve blogged about it hours earlier, but it’s also possibly one of the saddest days of the hashtag.

I knew something was wrong when my family came back at 11pm tonight and did not contact me.

My grandfather passed away 6 hours after he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ. God’s perfect timing and plan. Yet, I feel very sad. There were many things I had wanted to say in anger, many in tears and now, many in forgiveness. I never got to say them, but I thank the Lord that I will see Him in heaven.

New life. New body. New purpose.

With this, I leave you with an Instagram post that my brother posted of him and my grandfather. May it warm your hearts and bless you all.


“… rejoice that your names are recorded in heaven.”

Luke 10:20


2 thoughts on “Loss but Gain

  1. What joyous news! We experienced this with my brother-in-law last year. It was precious to see how tenaciously the Lord pursued him.

    When I arrived in the morning, he was comatose. At 4 a.m., having read the Bible, witnessed to, and prayed for him, I told the nurse that I was going to catch a nap in my car. At 5:15 I was suddenly awake. I went back to sit with him some more. His nurse saw me coming and asked me to wait in the sitting room for a minute while they checked on my bro-in-law.

    Minutes later, he came to tell me that Jim had slipped through the veil that separates this life from the next. The nurse said, I didn’t know where he stood with Jesus, so for the last half hour I talked to him about salvation and prayed for him. I went out to the desk and came right back. When I returned, he was gone.

    The nurse’s name was “Michael.” He is a youth pastor who works at the rehab hospital at night.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if my “sudden awake” was the Lord bringing Jim by to say “good bye.”

    His love never fails…He never gives up on us. How I love Him!

    Thanks for following my blog. You may want to find “Two Balloons” on my blog (use the search feature at the top right corner). This was a useful visual I used when my mom moved to heaven. I didn’t want to live with guilt and unforgiveness for the rest of my life. The Lord directed me to this concept so I wouldn’t have to!

    May the Lord grant you peace and comfort as you work through the loss of your grandpa. And may He grant a great harvest for your labor of love here in blogtopia!

    In Christ,
    Praising Jesus who sent His Comforter to us!

    • Thank you so much for sharing Tami!
      Just read your ‘Two Balloons’ post and it’s a great idea, where I am has lots of spaces and fields so I will try and to that in my free time.
      Yes, God will be with me as I grieve and celebrate.
      In His love, Isabel

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