Papa God

As I was watching a youtube video, I was reminded dearly of God as my Father.

The video was an interview with Brian and Jenn Johnson of Bethel Church and their personal journeys with God.
And the one thing that I will not forget, was Jenn’s description of God as a Father.

‘I would challenge everyone to think about what the view of the Father is, because God is so kind, he really is! He’s like the best picture of Santa Claus. He’s just so happy and wonderful and he’s got this big belly laugh like *Haw haw haw haw*’

As much as I giggled when she imitated this laugh, her words remained etched in my mind.

I think many times, we remember God as a GOD, a merciful, loving and benevolent King. Yet, we forget that He is our Father. He’s the one who lawns the yard with you, He bakes cupcakes with you and He even watches tv with you!

I remember one time, when my friend called God ‘Papa’. I call my own dad ‘Papa’ and so, to hear someone call God ‘Papa’ really touched me.

For me, just to sit down, close my eyes and call out to God as ‘Papa’, I can’t explain the immense peace and love that I feel.

From this aspect, I firmly believe that Christianity is a religion different from the rest. Many religions are built on fear (retribution) or self-centredness (finding the way of life so as to reach higher stages of peace), but Christianity is one built on relationship – not relationship with an unknown and powerful God, but a love with a powerful yet gentle God who very much wants to connect with you and reveal himself to you!

I find that my best days are the ones where I commit to the day to the Lord and include Him in my daily activities. Taking a walk down to town with God; sitting at the botanical gardens with God. Sounds silly? Perhaps, but it’s an amazing experience.

God doesn’t literally take a walk with you because He’s omniscient, but just to remember Him in your thoughts as you go through the day is just so wonderful.

I still remember my friend sharing that sometimes before church, she’ll cry out to God: ‘Father, help me find my socks!’ Hahaha.

Just little things like that remind us of a Christian relationship built on joy, love and laughter.

In fact, I think God has a sense of humour!

For example, the very day I gave up chocolate for lent this year, there was chocolate cake for dinner. And while all my friends were devouring the chocolate cake, giggling at me, I set at the middle of the table looking bemusedly glum. I whined to God, but yet, I was very tickled because even in little things, God has a sense of humour. God created laughter, so why can’t He be funny? 🙂

All in all, I am reminded that God is my Father and my church is my family. There are many things that I may not understand in life, and many unfamiliar and unwilling paths that God has taken me on, but I am thankful that because I know Him as my Abba Father, I am His daughter, and He will not let me go.

May I encourage all of you to remember that God is not just your God, your friend and your saviour. He is much more than that – He is your Papa.


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