Coffee Talks

Yesterday, I spent the late afternoon with one of my childhood friends, preparing for bible study lesson.

Nehemiah 2:1-8

And then we started talking about Nehemiah’s faith. What was faith exactly? And we reached an interesting argument.

Is faith about making use of every opportunity that lies before you; opening each door that can be opened and praying that if it is not the Lord’s will, He would close it? Or is faith about praying to God to lead you to that one door; while many may be open, you ask God for that one path?

So many questions and interesting comments. Can both be faith?

And then we moved on to God’s calling. When will God call us to His purpose? Will we ever be ready for His purpose?

My friend sat there for awhile, and shared his personal experience about God’s calling. ‘God calls you to His purpose when you have a pure heart. When you want to pursue His will with a pure, clean and humble heart.’ Wow. Amen.

We talked for about two hours – really amazing, interesting and exciting stuff – and then somehow, we decided that we couldn’t wait to go for heaven. It’s gonna be a totally different experience. And to be able to marvel at God’s beauty and glory 24/7 (although eternity has no conception of time…)

At the end, he concluded – Christians are out of this world man. Indeed.

Such blog ramblings really remind me of how meaningful coffee talks can be. There’s nothing better than to talk about God over MacDonald’s ice cream and french fries. (:



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