Engraven On The Palms of Your Hands


While walking to town yesterday, I realised that each tree had little metal plates nailed to them. So fascinated.

Phuong said they were the house numbers of the squirrels living in them! 😀

But jokes aside, the sight really touched me because it reminded me of what God told me about the tree at Kingsgate Bridge. 

I know that these metal plates were probably placed there to keep track on which branches of which tree should be cut down, and so and so, but it reminded me of Isaiah 46:16 –

‘See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me.’

So, if man can number and record each tree, how much more, will I be reminded of you, my daughter?

Isn’t it such a strong reminder that God loves and thinks of us all the time? 

He did not write our names on his hands. He engraved it. Dug into the flesh of his palms, moved the knife across the landscape of His palms, and wrote out each of our names down. 

And it’s not simply on His hands, it’s on his palms. We do many things with our palms facing towards us, and it portrays that God wants to be constantly reminded of us! 

Not only that, our walls are ever before Him. NLT alludes that these walls refer to the ‘Jerusalem’s walls in ruins’. Yet, these could be the walls of our home, of our workplace, or our dormitory. God constantly watches over us. He looks beyond those walls and keeps an eye out for us. 

Although I know it’s easy to say, it’s difficult for me as well to be always reminded and comforted by this verse, but I just want to encourage you all –

God did not only engrave you on His palm. In fact, because of His great love, He let those rusty nails dig deep into His son’s hands, so that we might know the love, grace and mercy of Our creator. He let the will of man drive His son to His death. And so, there is nothing that can separate us from the love of God, so much so that He is continually watching over us through all our different ‘walls’. 

So do not fear, our names are graven on the hands of the Holy, perfect and eternal creator. 



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