How He Loves

Really didn’t want to go for a run today. 1 minute after I started running, I really wanted to go back, sit at my desk and do my essay. I was confused about my essay and I was really scared.

Nevertheless, I continued running. ‘I set my mind to run today – so I shall do just that!’ I told myself.

And on the way back as I went along Kingsgate bridge, I saw the sun shining on the bridge.

Suddenly, I felt the urge to stop, stand at the side of the bridge and just be still. And as the song ‘How He Loves’ started playing on my phone, I closed my eyes and basked in the sun. Despite all my needs, wants and fears, my one desire at that moment, was just to praise God for who He was and for loving me.

I gazed at the stillness of the river and the flawless sky. What beauty. What artwork.

Just then, my attention turned to the tree at the river bank, and I don’t know if it was just me or perhaps God, but I suddenly had this thought:

‘Isabel, look at this tree. It has grown through the years. No fire, earthquake, flood nor fungus has ever come to it. Through all these years, God has been merciful and gracious to look after it. Maybe 50 years, maybe 100?

If then the Lord looks after a tree, how much more does He love you, oh my little daughter. For just as I look after the immovable yet unmoving tree, I will love and watch over you, oh perfect creation.’


By far, my favourite bridge in the world.


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