Present From Daddy God!

I cannot explain how excited and happy I am to receive this gift!
Since last december, I have been salivating at all the lovely Cath Kidston phone cases on Amazon. My mum wouldn’t let me get one because she thought it was a waste of money. ‘You already have a phone case, Isabel!’

😦 True, I did. But I really wanted it. So I asked God to get me one.

Coincidentally enough, I got an email from a research centre, offering to give students a 10 Amazon voucher if they completed a survey. I replied them almost immediately and they gave me the link for the survey. Surprisingly, most of my friends didn’t get to do the survey because the research centre almost immediately reached their quota. What a coincidence for me!

I got the voucher soon after doing the survey. Hopped on to Amazon and got a phone case for 9.99 pounds!

So as I was grovelling through my essay today, my parcel arrived!! Oh, God knows how to cheer me up (even in a materialistic way…).

Thank you Father! I love it so much, especially because I know it’s from You. Now, I don’t want to use it because it’s too precious … 😦


Present From Daddy God!

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