And Can It Be That I Should Gain

It came as such a surprise. 

‘Dear Isabel, we are delighted to invite you to Allen & Overy First’

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Wait. Magic Circle Firm. Wait. Wants me? Chosen for their workshop. Rewind. HOW? 

The only thing resounding in my head after that was ‘Thank you, God’. Songs from the band ‘All Sons and Daughters’ replayed in my head the whole day.

You truly bless those whom you love. Personally, I’m quite sure I was incapable of getting that first year workshop. How could such a big law firm in London have looked at my application and decided that they would select me for their programme? I don’t know.

But the one thing I know is that God is behind this wonderful opportunity. Of all the applications I made and the critical thinking tests I had to grovel through, He chose to bless me with a corporate international firm.

My heart is just full of joy, thankfulness and love. It’s just so funny how I honestly don’t even feel any pride that I got the workshop. I know it was not on my own efforts that I got into the programme. 

When God blesses me in this way, the only thing I can think about is Him, not me. 

Of course, it doesn’t mean my career and future is secured because there are obviously a lot more applications to make from here, but it’s a start. A start that God has chosen to bless me with.



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